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Good ideas have a home.

Gerd Ortner

Proprietary shareholder

In the beginning, there I stood, with my curiosity, enthusiasm and a dynamic, enterprising focus. When I established this agency in 1994, I found out quickly, that my talents lay in combining conceptual expertise - “creativity on demand” - with pragmatism.

Since then, we deliver solutions. For every challenge. Always to the point. These are exactly the strengths that have always characterised our work, and still do. Our clients love it!


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Zitat Gerd Ortner
Portrait Gerd Ortner


  • Agency founder
  • Born February 9, 1972
  • Training in Publishing, Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Business Administration degree 
majoring in Marketing and Business Management
  • Member of LIONS Club International
  • Honorary Senator of the Junior Chamber International
  • Former Chairman of Young Chamber of Commerce Bavaria
  • Executive Board member of Junior Chamber International Germany
  • Presidium member in Bavarian Business Counsel