Gerd Ortner Advertising

Good ideas have a home.

Raiffeisen Capital Management, Vienna

We welcome our new client, Austria’s leading asset manager.

Word of our proficiency in providing holistic services to agencies handling Real Estate projects has gotten around.

We are happy to also provide the Raiffeisen Capital Management in Vienna with our holistic, conceptual and creative services.

Once again, the highly productive welding of a conceptual advertising agency to its own advertising technology department emphasized our excellent ability in working with Real Estate projects. Our clients can completely rely on our sovereign execution of brandings and intelligent signposting on site.

For our new client, we conceived of a logical color-coded signposting system for a large special property. The elements in and around the building intelligently followed through from the entrances to all rentals, elevators and passageways, as well as to the subterranean garage. Accessibility to the in-house subway station was also included in our conceptual solution.